Where have you been, Jess?

Hey. Good question.

Over a month ago, I made the step and decided to sell and give away all my possessions at home, keeping only the essentials and packed my life into a suitcase. It started when I was given an offer from CDW Studios to teach a short 2-day workshop at their school in Adelaide in April, and because that occurred, it was almost a light bulb moment, where I thought – instead of returning home to Perth after the workshop, this could be the first step into venturing out there into the world.

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So I made plans, researched a lot and asked advice from good friends who already had experience or were already doing this. This whole living-from-a-suitcase-while-freelancing-art. I’ve been asked a lot why I decided to make the move to do this, and the main reason is because well…I want to explore the world.

There is literally so much out there, and I don’t think people truly can fathom it unless they experience it in person. Photos of places on the internet don’t tell the full story. I wanted to go beyond that. By being there in person, breathing the environment, feeling the scale and the size of it and realising how small you are in this world. Meeting and becoming friends with people, and seeing how they live in an environment that’s completely different to your own, and getting around by navigating and exploring. Doing it all yourself. Solo.

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Yes, it’s scary. Yes, most people wouldn’t do it. That just gave me more incentive to do it. Because for me, it felt so right. What was the alternative: moving out and staying somewhere in Perth? Why that, when I could travel instead? Dude, come on. I had to do this.

I got a taste of it when I travelled to the United States over a year ago, this time though instead of it being 3 months, I wanted this to be a long term thing. When I found out that it was possible, and that there are others already doing this, it gave me the confidence to put what I dreamed of into action.

I should mention first though that I’m a bit unusual. Most people already have commitments to their home, like family, jobs and employment, partners and relationships. For others, those come first to them and that’s totally understandable. Everyone is in different situations.

For me, I have no attachments to Perth, except for my family and some close friends (who I can always go back and visit, ‘cause they’re cool). And I do my work on the internet. Location isn’t a thing for me, as long as I have a wifi connection, I can make enough to feed myself and move around. Therefore I’d be an idiot to say no to doing something like this.

So I did it.

I travelled to Adelaide, then Melbourne and am currently in Sydney. It’s been a bit of a ride, with ups and downs and getting used to this lifestyle, but hey. Right now: it’s going amazing.

Really looking forward to sharing with you guys what I get up to while I’m on the road. And hope that it inspires others. Stay tuned!

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The journey so far…

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