What Happened with Zelda Forest Temple.

In which I try to comprehend how amazing things in life can come about. And to keep giving the best effort possible. 


Last week was insane.

And completely unexpected. But I’m glad things have calmed down now.

For those of you that may have missed out, the recent Zelda Forest Temple painting I did for my personal redesign project of Zelda ended up getting a lot of exposure on the Internet. It got front page of Reddit and Imgur, with over 600k views in one day, and also got featured on Kotaku the day after. I have to say, it was a really overwhelming experience as it was something I didn’t expect to happen after the first painting (which is why I’m making it a series of 10 paintings, but the first one seemed to explode before I could comprehend it). The reason why I started this series of paintings is to help improve my environment concept art skills, and also to share my admiration of the Zelda games to the fans who love it so much.

I also want to mention a big thanks to Dave Rapoza, Dan Warren and James Zapata for encouraging me to do something like this, otherwise I would have continued to do work that I didn’t enjoy instead of taking the big step and opening new doors that this has created for me.

If you’re new to my website, and this is your first time coming here after you saw my artwork, I wanna say hi and a big thanks! I’m truly grateful to the people that supported and shared the artwork, because without you guys, it wouldn’t have spread and be seen around the Internet for everyone to enjoy. So thankyou! I hope you stick around.

As a result of this exposure, I ended up being approached by quite a few people, which makes everything even more spectacular. One of them being the awesome guys at ZeldaInformer, which is a really large website for the fan community of The Legend of Zelda. They are known for their professionalism and integrity and when they approached me for an interview, I had to say yes. If you want to read the interview I did with them, you can read it here. They’re awesome people, and I can’t wait to collaborate more with them.


Since this is only the beginning of the painting series I’m doing, I’m a little nervous to sharing the next ones as I know there is now an audience waiting for it and expectations of people may be conflicting because people will be making comparisons and judgements to the first one. However, I’m going to do my best and give them my best shot, and hope people like them! I started this series because I enjoy the process of painting what I imagine the world would look like, and I’m going to keep that same positive energy going. I’m looking forward to sharing the next ones with you guys!

(Also, if the rumour is true, I hope Netflix approaches me. Pretty pleeeease Netflix!)

In other news, an awesome upcoming event that I’m creating this week too is  a 24 hour Livestream for Charity on Valentine’s Day. I’ll be painting the Zelda artworks for 24 hours straight on Youtube (which breaks in between of course – the video recordings will be divided into 3 parts). I will also be trying to bring on some people into the stream as guests. The charity I’m hoping to donate all proceeds of the stream will be one to support children (I’ve contacted one I’m interested and am waiting to get the go ahead with them). I will post an official announcement when I’ve got the get-go going, and hope you tune in to the stream! Painting for a good cause to express our love to people around the world.

And a gift for you guys. Because you’re awesome and have subscribed to my website, as a gift, I’m going to show only you a teaser of the next painting that I’ll be posting on Wednesday. Keep it a secret 😉 I can only show a crop without spoiling it, but I really hope you guys like it.



Take a guess at what location it is in Hyrule.

And with that, I hope you are having a fantastic week. Stay awesome and keep being fabulous.

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