Streaming and Zelda Redesign.

In which nerding about Zelda becomes a thing and streaming is now a weekly occurrence or whatever. 

Hey! So an update is needed. It’s been a while – I’ve been caught up doing my personal redesign project as well as juggling client work in between. It’s worth it though. Now I’m back on the ball with doing posts here on my website.

New things that have be happening lately is that I’ve been doing livestreams on my Youtube channel, if you are interested in how I paint. It’s also a time when I answer a lot of questions, and just be my weird self generally. It took a while to get used to (the first stream’s painting at the end was terrible! Argh!) But by the second stream, I could relax and finally paint the way I normally do when I’m by myself, it’s still slightly challenging but so much fun, I love it.
Stream is always on Friday night usually around 8pm (GMT + 8:00) and I paint for a couple of hours, really just when I feel like doing it – I usually post a notice on both Tumblr and Facebook saying when I’m online, but you can also subscribe to the channel to stay in the know too. I also stream in the middle of the week, as I want to practice getting used to stream-painting. If you miss the stream, s’all good. All the recordings are saved on the channel for people to rewatch. Here are the first three streams if you’re interested in watching them.

Note: I’m really dorky. This is what I’m really like behind the screen, so enjoy me get frustrated while I paint.

stream_01-thumb stream_02_thumb stream_03_thumb

Also another thing I can finally tell you about is this project I’m doing since I’m sharing it online starting this week. It’s a redesign of all the Legend of Zelda game environments, and my interpretation of what all the key locations in the game could look like. It’s purpose is to help push my environment art skills more and also to express my love for Zelda too since I grew up as a kid playing my first game on my Gameboy Colour and have loved them since, especially the recent ones Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

Here’s the first one in the series, Forest Temple. The temple is full of overgrowth and vegetation, and is the commonly the first dungeon that pops up in the Zelda franchises. Let me know if you’re interested in the process steps of this painting, as I have them saved out and am more than happy to show them. (You can click the image for the high-res version so you can see all the details.) Look forward to more! I’ll share the next one probably next week, really excited to share them with you guys.


And lastly, I have a special this week for free shipping on art prints. Free shipping whoo! Everyone love that, really, especially Australians so this is a big deal. But yeah! You can click here and it takes you to my print store where free shipping is enabled. Free shipping lasts until the end of this week, so if you like something on your wall and want to take advantage of this, it’s all yours!


Lots of things coming up that I can’t wait to share with you guys, keep your eyes peeled. See you round and have an awesome one.

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