In light of the holiday season getting slowly closer to us this year, I wanted to help those that would like to gift their family or friends (who are animal-lovers) something truly meaningful. 2020 has been a heavy year so I’ve been wanting to try finish this year off with something positive. 

I’m happy to announce that I am now open for bookings for Pet Commission Paintings 2020!

Bookings Now Open:
Pet Commission Paintings 2020

Limited time - bookings close October 16th!

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Capped number of slots only - once they're gone, they're gone.


  • The animal-lover who would like their furry or feathery companions painted in a storytelling artwork that they can cherish forever. 
  • Those that have had special animal companions in the past, and would like to immortalize their spirit into a painting. 
  • For yourself and your animal! 

These paintings are perfect for those
who want to support a small business
and for those who want to get
their hands on a storytelling painting
of their animal companion. 


  • Make your booking by following the steps below. 
  • Once you’re booked in, you provide photos of the animal/pet and you leave the magic of creation to me.
  • I create the custom artwork painting of our animal companion in a storytelling environment. 
  • Once complete, you receive the final digital painting.



  • Hi-resolution image file of the custom artwork. The artwork is prepped and ready to be printed in whatever format you wish.

For printing, I highly encourage you to visit a print shop that’s near you. This way you’ll be helping to support your local businesses as well.

NOTE: Final product is hi-res digital file only. Due to covid19 and restricted shipping from Japan, I am unable to provide framing or printing. However, I can help with making the most important part: the painting itself. 

Book Your Painting Now

Slots are limited. Click the button below to book in your custom commission painting order. 


Above: Past Client Artwork Commission – Kiba and Kona. View the collection here.

Choose from 2 price options:

  • You provide the animal’s photo and a small description of them, and leave the rest to my complete creative interpretation. 
  • You see the first sketch then the final painting. 
  • Deposit payment required.
  • Timeframe: 1 week
  • Commission Price: $600.00 USD 
    EARLY BIRD DEAL: $499.00 USD
    (until Oct 10th)

  • The ultimate customized painting: you have the say on everything. We work together from the first sketch to the final painting so that it is created in your exact vision.
  • You see updates of the painting from beginning to end every second day.
  • Deposit payment required.
  • Timeframe: 2 weeks
  • Commission Price: $800.00 USD
    EARLY BIRD DEAL: $699.00 USD
    (until Oct 10th)

Bookings are open for a limited time only until October 16th 2020.
There are only a certain quantity of slots available - once they're gone, they're gone.

Book your Painting Now

Click the button below to book in your custom commission painting order. 


Time left until bookings close:

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