This year has been completely different from any other year, and Decemeber is usually the time of the year where I wind down and reflect on everything that has happened for the past 12 months. My art space situation changed a lot this year because my partner Kan started to work from home a lot (which is great!). However, it’s a little tricky when you’re living in Japan. 

So I thought while cleaning up my space today that it’d be the perfect chance to share with you where I’ve been painting and creating this year.

Welcome to my workspace. This is where I paint and create. 

Where I work is on a little corner-table in my tiny Japanese apartment. 😂

Growing up in Australia, I know that living spaces in lots of western countries are very plentiful. In Japan however, we’re limited so we have to work with what we have and get creative! 

On my desk are: 

What I have seen through many inspiring artists is that
creativity has the ability to thrive,
in any situation or location.

Whether that’s drawing with the most inexpensive art tools or working from a small table – it’s what you utilise to your advantage, and make the most of what you already have that brings wonders. 

For example, one big challenge this year was having to squish my workspace to this small table because my partner started working from home more due to the pandemic. While it was challenging, I made it work and still managed to work on client projects and teach my mentorship students from here. 

I could still draw. That was all I needed. 

Another important thing to have in a workspace is to surround yourself with those that inspire you. For example, on my wall I have art prints from 4 artist friends: 

They remind me everyday that progress is quiet and beautiful. And we’re in this together. 

I also have 3 books nearby me whenever I need more inspiration: 

  • A Ghibli Backgrounds books (not available anywhere, it was from a special exhibition they had in Osaka) 
  • Tokyo Storefronts by Mateusz Urbanowicz
  • Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Concept Art book. 

I’ve also recently invested into an iPad to practice drawing digitally on another tool and to use for work. It’s a learning curve from Photoshop (a program that I know like the back of my hand), but it’s refreshing to draw on something different. 

And that’s about it in this small space that I work.

If you’re interested in what tools I use to work with (programs, etc). and other things that I surround myself for creativity, let me know. 

I hope seeing where I work gives you some inspiration
to be able to do anything you want,
no matter where you are.


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