Get good at art. And get work.

As artists, we each have our own individual goals and dreams. 

We have things that we love painting, drawing and creating.
But there’s also stuff that can be frustrating and a struggle. 

While there is a lot online to help us improve our skills, it can feel overwhelming and time-consuming.

What would be ideal would be having an experienced artist
who can mentor and guide you. 
I can help with that. 

One-on-One Mentorship

We're gonna push your work to its best potential.


Foundation Focus

Want to draw or paint better?
It’s time to get those art skills polished and elevated.

Portfolio Focus

Generate a portfolio that will get you jobs and clients.
A strong, eye-catching one with your best work. 

Business Focus

Learn the business side for freelancing.
Building your art and presence for getting client work. 

Let’s elevate your art. 

By taking an art mentorship, we’re going to get to the bottom of what you want to get out of your art career and produce outcomes like these:

  • A work-ready portfolio
  • Having a better understanding of art and design fundamentals
  • Knowledge of contracts and invoicing
  • Being able to market your work online
  • Knowing your value and what to charge
  • Getting your art to an industry standard level.
Want results like these? 
Now’s the time. 

How do I know this mentorship is for me?

This mentorship is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not prepared to work hard
  • You don’t have time to dedicate to homework
  • You expect a job straight away
  • You want to stay in your comfort zone

This mentorship is for you if: 

  • You’ve been wanting that push to get your portfolio finished.
  • You’re not sure where to begin when creating a portfolio, and working for clients.
  • You want to boost your art skills.
  • You want to know how to freelance and do business.

How it works:

From the first week to the last week, we’ll be focusing onto your goals and working on your art.
I’ll be guiding you through the whole term and every step of the way. 

Each week you’ll have a one-on-one lesson (1-2hrs) via Discord with me. During the term I’ll be: 

  • Giving you tasks/assignments that are going to improve your portfolio and skills
  • Critiquing your work, and pointing out areas you to improve in
  • Doing paintovers and demos for you
  • Giving you info-sheets and templates that will help in the business side of art
  • Sharing info about working as an artist

At any time you’ll be able to contact me to ask for critique or to check your progress.

Foundation Focus

Lesson Plan

Week 1:
Introductory session, critique your current work. You get given homework based on they level you’re at, and we start your first project.

Week 2:
Critique time and lesson. Checking progress of your project.

Week 3:
Critique time and lesson. Checking progress of your project, which is due next week

Week 4:
Final review and deadline for your project.

Portfolio Focus

Lesson Plan

Week 1:
Current Portfolio review, critique session. Figure out what direction you want to go. Set project and homework, deadline for end of the month.

Week 2:
Critique and homework review, tracking progress

Week 3:
Critique and homework review, deadline due next week

Week 4:
Final Critique and review session, project + portfolio complete and ready

Business Focus

Lesson Plan

Week 1:
Find out which we need to work on first: marketing or business side. Portfolio critique and set business homework

Week 2:
Review homework, focus on “the client”, pricing talk, learn how to write a contract.

Week 3:
Review homework, social media study, find which platform is best for you, create plan

Week 4:
Final review

From beginner to advanced artists, as long as you have the drive to improve.

Jan-Mar 2021 Term Open Now.
Places are limited.

Choose from 3 Options:

One-Time Lesson

Critique Session
$ 67
  • Critique + Feedback
  • 1 hour Lesson via Discord

Single-Month Term

4 Weeks of Intensity
$ 397
  • 4 Week Mentorship Program
  • 1-2hr Lesson Each Week
  • Project Work
  • Paintovers & Critique
  • Direct Contact + Feedback with me

Full Mentorship Term

8 Weeks of Consistency
$ 597
  • 8 Week Mentorship Program
  • 1-2hr Lesson Each Week
  • Project Work
  • Paintovers and Critique
  • Direct Contact + Feedback with me
If you don't know me - hi, I'm Jess.

I’ve been freelancing as a concept artist and illustrator for over +6 years with clients in the entertainment industry. 

I’ve also been mentoring artists at different levels for a couple of years now.

I’ve seen artists go from feeling lost and unsure with what they’re doing, to having more confidence in their ability, scaling their improvement level and producing a solid portfolio.  

I started out living in an isolated city with no industry, to freelancing online with great clients and living as an artist in Japan. 

I want to share with you everything that has helped me get to where I am today with my art.

I want to push your work to a level so that you can live and thrive from it too.  

If this sounds like something of interest to you, join and apply for a mentorship term. 

My Free Online Course

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Check out my free online course Grow Your Art 2021.
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