Boosting your art to the best level + getting the jobs that you want for your art career.

I’m Jess. I’ve been freelancing as a concept artist and illustrator for 4+ years, and have experience in teaching.
Have you been frustrated that your art isn’t at the level you want it?
Or you want to make better money from your art?
Or you don’t know how to get seen by the clients that you want to work for?

I can help you there. And we’re gonna do it in one month.

Sounds intense? It is. Together we’re gonna get you improving on your craft. Depending on what you want to learn, you can choose from one of the 3 Focuses:

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Openings from January 2020

Art Foundation Focus

Interested in drawing or painting better? Let’s get your art skills polished up.

Portfolio Creation Focus

Generate the portfolio that will get you jobs and clients. I can help you create it.

Business + Marketing Focus

Want to know the in-and-outs about the business side for freelancing design? Let me share what I know with you.

One Month?

It's gonna be tough.
For four weeks, under my mentorship, we’re going to get to the bottom of what you want to get out of your art career and produce results like these:
  • A work-ready portfolio
  • Having a better understanding of art and design fundamentals
  • Knowledge of contracts and invoicing
  • Being able to market your work online
  • Knowing your value and what to charge
  • Getting your art to an industry standard level.
Want results like these?
Guess what, now's the time.

How do I know this mentorship is for me?

This mentorship is NOT for you if:
  • You're not prepared to work hard
  • You don't have time to dedicate to homework
  • You expect a job straight away
  • You want to stay in your comfort zone

This mentorship IS for you if:

  • You've been wanting that push to get your portfolio finished
  • You're not sure where to begin when creating a portfolio, and working for clients
  • You want to boost your art skills
  • You want to be better at the business side of things

How it Works for this One Month Mentorship

For the month, we will have a one-on-one Skype lesson each week (1-2hrs), where:
  • I will share with you things about working as an artist
  • Give you tasks/assignments that are going to improve your portfolio and skills
  • Do paintovers or demos for you
  • Give you info sheets and templates that will help in the business side of art
  • Critique your work, and answer any questions you have
At any time you'll be able to contact me asking questions and advice or just to check your progress.

Art Foundation Focus

Lesson Plan
Week 1:
Introductory session, critique your current work. You get given homework based on they level you're at, and we start your first project.

Week 2:
Critique time and lesson. Checking progress of your project.

Week 3:
Critique time and lesson. Checking progress of your project, which is due next week

Week 4:
Final review and deadline for your project.

Portfolio Creation Focus

Lesson Plan
Week 1:
Current Portfolio review, critique session. Figure out what direction you want to go. Set project and homework, deadline for end of the month.

Week 2:
Critique and homework review, tracking progress

Week 3:
Critique and homework review, deadline due next week

Week 4:
Final Critique and review session, project + portfolio complete and ready

Business + Marketing as an Artist Focus

Lesson Plan
Week 1:
Find out which we need to work on first: marketing or business side. Portfolio critique and set business homework

Week 2:
Review homework, focus on "the client", pricing talk, learn how to write a contract.

Week 3:
Review homework, social media study, find which platform is best for you, create plan

Week 4:
Final review

Mentorship course valued at $500 for 4 weeks. 
For you, it's only $297 for one month.

Quick question: what skill level do I have to be?

Any. From beginner to advanced, as long as you have the drive to improve.

I'm ready for this one-month intensive. How do we make this happen?

Brilliant! Click the button below to apply now.

Free Trial Lesson

To see if we can mesh well together, you'll be able to get one free trial lesson. Because the only way you know if I'm the right teacher for you is if we test it out.

Go here for your first 1 hour trial lesson for free. No charge at all.

This will give you an idea of what the mentorship sessions will be like, and is a great way to see what you're stepping into.

Note: Places are limited.

Intensive Mentorship: One Month for $297

Note: Places are limited. First come first serve.

Let's get your art career boosted.