An original artwork series, fantastical and based on real-life places.

The Little House Series started in October 2018 when I painted a small Japanese house to celebrate my 2nd anniversary of living in Japan. Each house aims to tell a story about its own little world. 

On Reddit, Imgur and Twitter, the first artwork got +500k views in less than 24 hours, and was the start to the series of paintings.

✦ Japanese Bakery ✦

✦ Ramen Shop ✦

✦ Plant Cafe ✦

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Art Wallpapers for Your Workspace

What You Get: 2 x Wallpaper Artworks made just for you.

Includes two of my Little Houses in Wallpaper format,
artworks that were inspired by my life living here in Japan.
For you to use as backgrounds for your desktop computer, laptop or tablet

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