Let’s do this, 2015!

In which looking over the past year at how far things have gone, and looking forward to the new year and future goals. 

Real talk. This year was very different for me. It was the first time I stepped into a lot of new things, where it relied a lot on myself, which is sometimes the scariest. To be honest, it felt like a lonely year – getting used to the sole freelance life, having only a few close people in real life while have good friends online too. I like my alone time but I’m also an open and social person, but for some reason it felt like this year things were meant to be quieter.

A lot of life stuff where I was needed at home happened this year and I was the only one around to give support, which is okay but was sometimes a struggle having to shoulder everything by myself. It felt like it was life testing me to say ‘you are needed at this moment here, this is why: just trust in this. As tough as it is, you’re going to get through this.’

Now that it’s all complete and settled, it feels like a deed completed and that this is the moment for me to be free, look out to the world, spread my wings more and explore. And thinking back over this year, it was a real push to my art, seeing how it has grown and improved while I was drawing my heart out in my dark cave onto my computer screen like a hermit ’til late hours of the night – it makes me feel more confident and excited to look forward to the new year.

Some honest things that I experienced this year: 

  • Found out people liked my stuff on the internet, all it took was giving it a shot.
  • Continually inspired by amazingly talented artists around the globe.
  • Illustrated first children’s picture book.
  • Did cool client work for some awesome great clients.
  • Learnt how to stand up for myself and know my value as a freelance artist.
  • Tried to put myself into the shoes of the client, as much as humanly possible, and understand their fears and frustrations, and how I could help them to the best of my ability and make what they wanted a reality.
  • Opened myself up to only choosing the freelance jobs that I like, and saying no to ones that I didn’t.
  • Talked about personal and art stuff in front of 80 students at a college hoping to help them.
  • Got educated about business and how to incorporate it into what I’m doing.
  • Made own website properly from scratch, aiming to be different from other portfolio sites.
  • Learnt that talking and sharing about the things you love is a magical thing and has a domino effect.
  • Once finally finding good clients, did my best taking care of them like precious gems and giving them everything I got.
  • Doing the best I possibly could in the situations I got caught in.
  • Became an expert at cleaning bathrooms and disinfecting everything that had mould on it.
  • Survived rolling off a cliff in a car in Bali, and congratulating the driver on not killing us.


  • Created a imaginative universe and story and began building the foundation of it bit by bit to make it a thing to share with the world.
  • Overcame fear of character design and persisted into improving it instead of avoiding it.
  • It’s funny to be stupid sometimes, and not care what others think.
  • It’s okay to cry when everything feels really down.
  • Sometimes things happen for a reason, no matter how much they hurt at the time.
  • Rolling around on the floor helps.
  • Chasing and yelling at my dog with stolen socks was a highlight.
  • Doing anything that’s not art-related is healthy too.
  • Art block doesn’t exist – just have to paint your way through it and solve the problem. “You hit a wall, you push through it.”
  • There’s no such thing as ‘being in the zone’ – you choose to be in the zone whenever you want.
  • Celebrating every little achievement! (even if it’s in secret)
  • Taking breaks and rests with importance; doing art is going to be for life so it’s better to take care starting now.
  • Discovered not to be too hard on yourself and compare yourself to others, and to take it one step at a time.
  • A funny comment on one painting: “I want this in my face-hole. SO. BAD.”
  • Giving because you want to and without expecting anything in return is the greatest gift.
  • ‘Thankyou’ is the most precious thing to say ever.
  • ‘Ideas’ are the secret weapon and what makes something stand out and remembered, regardless what skill level it’s at.
  • Being open to everything, but knowing standards and taste, and trusting intuition.
  • Trusting inner self and gut feeling, and knowing it’s all part of the bigger picture.
  • There’s so much more to create, and to share to the world that it’s infinite.

How about you? What was your year like? Let me know what you’re looking forward to the most in the comments below.

This is only just one footprint out of the trail that continues. It’s time to focus on the new manifestations to create for this new year and look forward to growing and experiencing new things! Let’s do this 2015!


In case you missed out, the webcomic I did for the holidays ‘A Small Gift’ you can read and get here. 

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