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I was given the lovely opportunity from the awesome people of CDW Studios to teach a 2-Day Digital Painting Workshop for high school students in mid-April. Here’s the thing: this was so surreal to me because CDW were the people that got me into concept art a few years ago – when I attended their first workshop in Sydney, and it opened my eyes to the industry and what concept art and illustration was all about. So going back to them as a teacher is too humbling. When Simon Scales asked me to come down, I was ecstatic and said yes!


The school itself in Myer Centre in the middle of Adelaide reminded me of Concept Design Academy a lot, and I totally recommend it to artists who are thinking of studying there in the future. The teachers are friendly, they have a great foundational course and a lot of the students there are great as well as super friendly!

The workshop went well and it was awesome hanging out with a few of the CDW students, and seeing some of the high-schoolers and where they were at in their artistic journey. A lot of them reminded me of myself when I was first starting out, so it was really endearing to see. Teaching is also something I discovered that I really like! (when it’s to do with art, of course).

Here’s some of the works that I did during the workshop for the students.

cdw-01 cdw-02 cdw-03 cdw-04



A big thankyou to Simon Scales and the people of CDW Studios for inviting me down to Adelaide for such a lovely experience. Check out CDW Studios website and their Facebook Page.

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