Happy Holidays and New Year!

In which it’s a festive time or something where we spend time with the people in our lives who we love! 

I created a small webcomic as a gift to thank you guys that have been supporting me on my art  and life journey. You can read it below, all you need to do is scroll. If you want the free digital book PDF version to keep, you can put your email in the box below and you’ll be able to receive it. All my email subscribers will get a copy of it anyway because it’s a gift to say you guys are awesome! PRESENTS TIME!!

I’m planning to spend Christmas with family; I gonna make homemade chocolates and help cook vegetarian dim sum from scratch. It’s time to take a break from drawing and get fat. Awww yeah!

Have a great one. And hope you like the webcomic!

Small-Gift_01 Small-Gift02 Small-Gift03 Small-Gift04 Small-Gift05 Small-Gift06

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