Grow Your Art 2021

Lesson 2 - How to Use Colour

In this lesson, I share some tips on how you can improve your colour usage in your paintings. Colour is one of my favourite areas of art, but is difficult to know how to use and control at first.  

With a few methods and practices, being able to utilise and work with colour will really enhance your artworks. 

What we go through:

  • Practices to get better at colour
  • Tools you can use to generate palettes 
  • Practices to be mindful of when using colour

Links for good colour resources and palette generators are also included down below. 

Colour Palette Generators:
Good books to read on Colour:
  • Color and Light by James Gurney
  • Color by Betty Edwards
Animations to Colour Study:
  • Ghibli animation background art
  • Makoto Shinkai background art
  • Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego 
  • Spiderman Into the Spiderverse
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About Grow Your Art 2021

Grow Your Art 2021 is a free 3-part course I’ve made for any artist that wants inspiration and to learn some techniques and process methods of improving their art.

It also goes through creative mindfulness and how we can get inspiration and grow together as artists. 

For artists at any level, in particular beginner environment artists.