Status: Available for Work (until Dec 15th 2020)

We want to work with you: how do we do this?

If you’re interested in my design and art for your project, I’d be more than delighted to work with you as I am always excited to work on new tasks.

Before enquiring, please consider the following below:

I’m the right artist for you if:

  • You have a clear idea what your project is
  • You’ve got a budget, and you’re prepared to pay for quality.
  • You’re happy to sign agreements/contracts.
  • You need an artist with experience (+4 years)
  • You’re easy to contact/communicate with
  • You’ve got a realistic/punctual deadline/s
  • You need environment/world building concept art
  • You need illustrations or designs
  • And you’re excited about your project!

I’m NOT the right artist for you if:

  • You don’t know the direction of your project
  • You have no money
  • You don’t wanna sign contracts
  • You’re uncontactable
  • You give vague/unclear directions and feedback
  • You’ve have unrealistic deadlines
  • You need character-design heavy work

You sound suitable for our project – we want to book you. How do we do that?

For projects that are over a period of time and depending on the type of work, I charge with a day-rate.
Contact me directly at hello.artofjess(at) then we can proceed with arranging to work together. I look forward to hearing from you. 

What if I want to start with a single commission first?

Click the button below for information about booking single commissions.

I highly recommend this route if you are new to my work. 

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