Follow Your Passion – A Talk for Central Institute’s Students

In which I did a talk at the college I used to study graphic design at and you can watch the video of it and laugh at me being a dork.

Never thought this would happen to me but it happened, and I really enjoyed doing it!

I did a talk at Central Institute of Technology to the Graphic Design students to share what concept art is, what I did after I left Central and tips for the students that I wish I knew when I was studying.

BIG NOTE: I’m not an expert at everything and I have a long way to go to get better at art, and as good as the artists that are killing it in the entertainment industry. A lot of what I say has been what other artists have taught me and ones I’ve met have shared with me, so I’m just sharing it with you guys as well because why the hell not. I’m still learning and growing so take what you can from this and in the end I hope it helps you. Because you’re worth it.

That being said, I had a blast from doing it and speaking in front of 80+ students. Also had many messages asking about a video of it since some people missed out on attending it and just wanted to see how it went. So here you go buddy. With the help of my awesome sister who recorded it because she’s into the whole film thing, you can watch it now.

Also, the talk went for about an hour but we cut it down to about 50 mins, just so you’re aware. Click the image below and it takes you to the Youtube video.




What I wanted to achieve giving this talk to the students is to be as honest as possible, let them see different options and being realistic about the journey of an artist and how tough it is but also how awesome and rewarding it is as well. I wanted to give them a positive kick up the butt, because I wish someone did that to me when I was a naive student at Tafe.

Enjoy watching me be a complete dork, and hope you get something out of it. I learnt a lot while doing it and hope to improve next time I speak in front of humans again.


Artists mentioned that are way more awesome than I am:
John Park:
Kekai Kotaki:
Jason Scheier:
Ben Mauro:
James Paick:

Concept Art School websites mentioned:
CDW Studios:
CGMA Academy:
Concept Design Academy: 
Scott Robertson’s Gnomon DVDs that I used for self-studying:
Design Studio Press Books:

Artwork mentioned at the beginning:
Pixar’s Up:
Up artbook here:
Last of Us:
and also these guys: and
Last of Us artbook here:

Lemme know what you think in the comments, would love to hear what you thought! Otherwise have a freaking awesome day, you amazing individual, and I’ll see you in the next one. Heartsign.

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