Who are you and what do you do? 

My name’s Jessica Smith and I’m an artist and illustrator working in the entertainment industry. I create artwork and designs that are required in a project’s production. I help bring a project to life through images.
Design development and concepts mainly in the area of video games and publishing.


I heard you studied in the United States. Where did you study?

Los Angeles, California. I went to Concept Design Academy for a short period of time to study. I flew there as a shy young artist, and came back as a completely different person.

It was a special trip that meant a lot to me and my art journey. If you want more info about learning to get better at art, click here.


Influences or those that inspire you?

Miyazaki, Herge, Imperial Boy, Makoto Shinkai, Craig Mullins, games I watched my brother play when I was 10, my sister, going outside, people and travelling.

I noticed you sometimes use the name Mei-Xing in some places. What does it mean?

Mei Xing is my Chinese name: I’m half Chinese and half Australian. It is written with the characters ‘beautiful’ and ‘heart’, pronounced ‘may-sing’ or ‘may-shing’. 

Are you available for work?

Click here if you wanna work with me: all the info is there to answer your questions in regards to work.

Do you specialise in environments for concept art work?

Yes, environments and storytelling. I’m passionate about it because I like being immersed in creating a new world from imagination.

What programs do you use to draw and paint in?


Why do you do art?

Ever since I was young, it was the one thing that I kept doing that I’d never get tired of. Drawing seemed to be the thing that stuck with me even until today. Translating images from your imagination into a physical visual form is very gratifying. 

I love your work, and need art for my project – will you work for me?

Sure thing. First you have to find out if I’m suitable for your project. Click here if you’re interested in working with me. 

I want to become a better artist. Do you offer mentorships?

I do, please check the mentorships page to see if I have available slots and about how I teach. Click here for more info.