Some info and resources that might be useful for those that are learning art.
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Learning Art Foundations

Draw A Box by Irshad Karim
A free art/drawing community created by my CDA classmate. Goes through all the key drawing foundation exercises you should do as an artist.

How to Draw by Scott Robertson
Created by one of the greatest teachers of concept art. The key to how to actually draw. This is should be your bible.

Dynamic Sketching Classes
Norman Schureman's teachings passed down and taught by two amazing teachers - Peter Han and Patrick Ballesteros. These classes were the thing that made me into an artist. It taught me that if you don't know how to draw a straight line, how do you expect to draw a castle? Foundation is key.

Perspective Classes
You cannot cheat perspective. You can only gain the understanding of it, then you'll be seeing the world around you completely differently.

Concept Art Schools

Concept Design Academy
One of the original art schools in Los Angeles. The school that I studied at in 2013. Owned by Kevin Chen. Friendly community, like a family.

CDW Studios
An Australian design school based in Adelaide, Australia. Owned by Simon Scales. They run some of the best workshops I've ever been to.

Brainstorm School
Created by artists that used to teach at CDA, that I was taught under (James Paick and John Park). Have had friends attend, and vouch for its high quality and standard.

Online Education

Created by Bobby Chiu, has online classes taught by the best in the industry. Including Craig Mullins.

CGMA Online Classes
I took foundational classes then environment design classes on here back in 2012. Teachers are artists working in the industry.

Livestreams and Podcasts

Dave and Dan on Twitch
Dave Rapoza and Dan Warren, two awesome artists, usually stream weekly and talk about good stuff.

One Fantastic Week
Interviews with inspiring fantasy artists and illustrators, run by Peter Mohrbacher and Sam Flegel