Achievement Unlocked: Charity Stream was a Success!

In which the 24hr Charity Stream for Pencils of Promise opened up my heart and threw all my expectations out the window.

On Valentine’s Day, for 24 hours, I streamed online from 12pm to 12pm the next day, painting the whole way to help raise awareness and do something for a good cause. It was one of the most mentally and physically challenging things I’ve ever done, but completely and utterly worth it.

As a community of people coming together, we raised $1050.00 altogether, which which ends up equating to giving 42 children a year’s worth of education (or 1 child for 42 years…but that doesn’t make sense). 42 children!! That’s A LOT! And who knows! One of those kids may end up being a badass artist because they got the opportunity.

Screen shot 2015-02-17 at 12.34.26 PM

I want to thank every single one of you that donated. You are the ones that made this possible, I don’t claim any credit for it – I only put the fundraiser together and threw it out there (and did the strange thing of streaming for 24hrs and nearly killing myself in the process). It’s all of you, you guys did this and I’m so thankful and so proud! It shows that I can rely on you guys, even though at first it was really scary putting this out there, but because you all have that heart and same mindset it was a success. As a community we can bring goodness to this world through the little bits we can.

A special thanks to all the awesome donators:

Screen shot 2015-02-17 at 5.37.54 PMYou know who you guys are (have kept names simplified for privacy reasons). You are the ones that made this possible. Thankyou so much! (James T is also the winner of the free print so yay!)

I can’t wait to do another charity event with you guys, so here’s to the future!

If you’d like to watch the recording of the livestream, you can view them on my Youtube channel by clicking the thumbnail below (it’ll take you to the playlist of all 3 videos, they’re like +7hrs long).


As for the paintings I did in the stream: here are the ones I did in the last 5 hours where I was at breaking point. I would reveal the 3 Zelda paintings I did during the stream, but I’m reworking them to get them to the same quality standard as the rest I’ve finished, and they’ll be released consecutively week by week online in the future. For now, I hope this quenches your art thirst!

Have a good one, and stay awesome.

charity-02-small charity-04-small charity01-small charity03-small

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