Official Bio

Jessica Smith is a concept artist and illustrator from Perth, Australia. She currently lives in Osaka, Japan. She's been working in the entertainment industry for +4 years.

  • Concept Art and Illustration
  • UI and Graphic Design
  • Design and Development
  • Teaching
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Contact me here or at hello.artofjess(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Concept Design Academy: Los Angeles California
  • CGMA 2D Academy
  • Central Institute of Technology: Perth, Australia
Clients include:
  • Psytec Games
  • ATeam Inc
  • Angry Robot Books
  • 303LOWE
Experience working on:
  • desktop, mobile and VR games
  • film and animation
  • publishing and advertising

スミスジェシカ (Jessica Smith)


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My Story | アーティストにつて

I paint, draw and design.
Here's how I got to where I am. 
My passion is creating the best art I possibly can and learning new things.
Growing as an artist and using my skills to help people.


– Contract Concept Artist for Psytec Games


– UI Assets for Windlands, Psytec Games

– Illustrator for Windswept and Like a Boss by Adam Rakunas (Angry Robot Books)

– Illustrator for ‘On the Wings of a Butterfly’ – A children’s book for mourning and loss


– Featured artwork at The Game Awards 2015 (Tumblr Games Section)

– Featured on front page of Reddit and Imgur (Link1, Link2)

– Featured on Kotaku (Link to Feature)

– Instructor at CDW for High School Holiday Workshop, CDW Studios, Adelaide

– Industry Guest at Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Melbourne

– Interviewed and Featured on ZeldaInformer (Link to the article)

– Top post in Zelda Subreddit of all time and gilded.

– Completed 24hour Charity Stream for Pencils of Promise Fundraiser


– Concept Artist for Cyan Eyed

– Illustrator for children’s book series I Am Extra Special (visit website here)

– Industry Speaker at Central Institute of Technology (watch the video of the talk here)

– Featured on CG Society

– Featured on ColoredCG Magazine

– Featured on Imgur Frontpage

– Featured on Tumblr Radar

– Featured on Art of Animation multiple times (link 1, link 2)

– Featured on Artstation Frontpage


– Exhibited at Fast Track to Animation @CGS Turbo Gallery Show in Burbank, California

– Featured artwork on Concept Art World