Art Traveller – Location: Melbourne


  1. Public transport is SO GOOD.
  2. Graffiti is everywhere. On all the buildings, the alleyways, signs and shops. And it’s embraced and celebrated as part of the culture. That’s got to be the best thing any city has ever done. It’s makes everything very artistic.
  3. Every single coffee I had was amazing. And I’m not exaggerating, there weren’t any average ones – EVERY SINGLE CUP made me go, ‘So goooooood!’
  4. I stayed in the area of Hawthorn, which feels really safe and was nice to explore.
  5. I spent most of my money on food. And only bought a coat. And did 2 weeks worth of yoga. But food. FOOD IS AMAZING. AND AFFORDABLE.
  6. Do the Yarra Trail. Seriously. It’s so beautiful. I felt like I was in Middle Earth. It was an awesome experience and so much inspiration being in nature. My feet hurt a ton after.
  7. Also yes, the weather is SO UNPREDICTABLE. AND COLD. HUARGH.
  8. Japanese food is great, Spud Bar is a thing, Fro-yo is everywhere and ‘dirty-chai latte’ is one of the best drinks.
  9. Melbourne was hipster before hipster was even a thing.
  10. Everyone dresses fashionably and interestingly. It’s like each person has a character.

Melbourne has definitely lived up to its reputation. I also think what made it really awesome was hanging out with some cool people while I stayed there. It made the visit so much fun. One of my favourite cities to date. (BONUS: try find the kookaburra in the tree!)




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