Art Traveller – Location: Sydney


  1. Watermelon Cake in Newtown.
  2. Chinatown and N2 Icecream.
  3. Catching the Ferries in Sydney Harbour.
  4. Living the apartment lifestyle with friends right in the heart of the city.
  5. COFFEE.
  6. Cockatoo Island – literally feels like an island that Miyazaki invaded.
  7. Ippudo – one of the best Japanese restaurants I’ve tried in Australia.
  8. Rainy nights and painting with the company of cats. Then said cats steal your blanket.
  9. Vivid Light Festival – creativity and inspiration.
  10. North Head Cliffs in Manly.

I enjoyed Sydney, however feel the busy and overcrowded atmosphere wasn’t suited for me and staying in the CBD felt claustrophobic personally because I missed seeing nature, the blue skies and being out in the open – which is better for my wellbeing. A nice place to visit family and friends, but in terms of living I don’t see myself settling down there in the future. I managed to get a lot of work done here though which was nice!







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