Photo Packs

After travelling to some countries in the world, I thought it would be useful to share some stuff to other artists that know me. I took a lot of photos while I was different places like Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong and around Australia and I found them useful when I integrate them into my artwork – so why not let everyone else have them? In the end, it is the artist that creates the unique vision, not the photo: the artist is the one with the complete power.

So if you’re an artist, you can have all these. For free.

If you feel like donating, just know that the money will go towards shooting more photos to give to you guys when I hit the road again: it’s all for you guys. Enjoy!


HongKong01_website HongKong02_website NewZealand_website
Gimme This Gimme This Gimme This


Gimme This Gimme This Gimme This
More to come.

These locations were the most requested from the places I travelled to. I plan to travel more in the nearby future, so if you have ideas of locations that you think would be visually inspiring, let me know and I’ll make sure to add them to my list of “places to get photo references from”. (which is big already).
Hope these are helpful, and would love to see some of the art you come up with if you use them! ^__^


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