Work with Me – Freelance

Let’s get down to business. The fun part: you want to work together with me.

However we gotta make sure we mash well together. I’ve been freelancing and working as a contractor for over 3 years now, so I have experience. I know exactly how it feels to put your money into something and someone you don’t know yet. And not knowing if it will work out. It’s scary right? Lemme just say you’re not alone. I’m just as nervous about putting 100% of my time and effort in. We’re both in the same boat. Because let’s be honest, we’re unsure of each other because we just met.

So don’t worry, I got ‘chu. Here’s a checklist that will help you figure out if I’m the suitable artist for your project.

I’m a suitable artist for you if you have:

  • A clear idea what your project is
  • A budget and prepared to pay for quality
  • Happy to sign agreements/contracts
  • Need someone with experience (+3 years)
  • Easy to contact/communicate with
  • Realistic and punctual deadline/s
  • Need environment/world designs and concepts
  • And more importantly….you’re excited about your project!

I’m not the right artist for you if you have:

  • No idea what your project is
  • No money
  • Don’t want to sign contracts
  • Uncontactable or send 100 emails a day
  • Unrealistic deadline
  • Need character-design heavy work
  • A boring project


Now you know if I’m the suitable artist for your project. If you think I’m the right one for you and you like my work, go ahead and hit me up with a message. Let’s work together and show everyone that your project is gonna be the coolest.


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