I want to work with you, so how do we do this?

First, we’ve got to make sure we’re suitable to work together. I know exactly how it feels to put your money into something and someone that you don’t know yet. And not knowing if it will work out. Let me just say that you’re not alone. I’m just as nervous about putting 100% of my time and effort in.
Let’s be honest: we’re unsure of each other because we just met.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Below is a checklist for you that will let you know if I’m a suitable artist for your project.

I'm the right artist for you if:

  • You have a clear idea what your project is
  • You've got a budget, and you're prepared to pay for quality.
  • You're happy to sign agreements/contracts.
  • You need an artist with experience (+4 years)
  • You're easy to contact/communicate with
  • You've got a realistic/punctual deadline/s
  • You need environment/world building concept art
  • You need illustrations or designs
  • And you're excited about your project!

I'm NOT the right artist for you if:

  • You don't know the direction of your project
  • You have no money
  • You don't wanna sign contracts
  • You're uncontactable or send 100 emails a day
  • You've got unrealistic deadlines
  • You need character-design heavy work
  • You think your project is boring

I want you as an artist for our project. How do we make this happen?

Great! For projects that are over a period of time and depending on the type of work, I charge with a day-rate.
Contact me directly at hello.artofjess(at)gmail.com then we can proceed with arranging to work together.

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What is signing a contract with you like actually?

A contract is meant to make both of us feel safe working together. It's an agreement that protects the both of us and more importantly protects you, making sure that you get the artwork that you paid for. It also includes things like:
  • everything being confidential while we work together
  • copyrights
  • how payment is processed
We arrange it to suit your needs, and make sure that we're both happy.

What if I want to start with a single commission first?

I'm ready! Let's work together.

Awesome! Click the "Contact Me" button below or email me directly at hello.artofjess(at)gmail.com
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