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For Art Lovers:
- The Red Hummingbird Digital Book
- Footsteps Digital Book
- Hi-Res Art Wallpapers

For Artists:
- Environment Tutorial
- Brushes
- Study Sketching Video

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You’re pretty cool for visiting my website, so in return I’m giving you some free stuff that you might like because why not. Depending who you are, there’s two packages for you: one for if you love art, and one if you like doing art.



ART FAN Freebies

  • ‘The Red Hummingbird’ – FREE DIGITAL BOOK.
    The story of a girl and her friend on their journey together, told through paintings. I won’t say too much to avoid spoilers. Hope you like it. This is a project I been working on in secret, and it’s all yours – a story created just for you.
  • Wallpapers of  ALL ‘The Red Hummingbird’ paintings
    Hi-res versions from the story ‘The Red Hummingbird’ that you can use for your computer/laptop/tablet/phone/gadget-thingie background if you’re into that thing. Or you wanna print it out and stick it on your wall. I was only gonna pick a few of them to give, but thought ‘you know what? Here. TAKE THEM ALL.’
  • Footsteps – FREE DIGITAL BOOK
    A story about part of my art journey; the original concept was on a poster, then realised it would probably be better in a graphic novel, so I redeveloped it and made it into a book.  You can have it too. It goes into my personal life a bit though, so consider it something between us. Also it’s kinda dorky.

promoimage ARTIST Freebies

  • ‘Special Someone’: Nature Environment Tutorial PDF (added BONUS: ‘Long Way Down’ Tutorial also included)
    A tutorial of the painting ‘Special Someone.’ Basically my process and how I created it, as well as going through some tips and tricks.  I’m not an expert at everything, but I’m okay with sharing what I’ve learnt so far. Also comes with the ‘Long Way Down’ tutorial (this one I’ve already shared online but you might like a PDF version).
  • Brushes (Photoshop)
    Just the set I use to paint. Most them I got from pro-senpai-sensei artists or from the internet. If you’re too lazy to google them then here you go. I just put the ones I use into a bunch. Seems to work for me for some reason, so you can pinch them.
  • ‘Study-Sketching Japan Houses’ – Video 
    A full sketching video: 1 hour and 30mins-ish. All realtime. No fast forwarding or flashy Photoshopping, no crazy brushstrokes and smudging, no babbling about what tools to use. Just raw plain drawing from reference and studying with some tunes made by this awesome guy. I found I learnt a lot just from seeing someone else sketch and their approach, so I thought I’d give that to you too. Something to watch while you’re doing your own work at the same time and feel like you want company.

promoimage2 You like? You want this? You can have ALL OF IT. WHAT. BUT WHY. HOW. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU JESS WHAT. I’m serious. I don’t mind giving these to you because it’s my way to say thankyou for your support. Plus, it’s a gift just for you. If you get something out of it and you’re happy, then I’m happy. Go ahead and put your email in the box above this page, and it’s all yours. You’re welcome. Heartsign. dots3

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