So what are you? A concept artist?

I’m a concept artist working in the entertainment industry – I create visuals and designs that are required in a project’s production. I help bring a project to life through images. Design development and concepts mainly in the area of video games, animation and film.


Are you an illustrator as well?

Yeah, I have experience in children’s book illustrations and book covers. I am completely open to this type of work, I love drawing stylised.


Are you available for work?

Visit here about working with me. I’ve taken care of it: all the info is there to answer your questions about that stuff, smiley face.


Do you specialise in environments for concept art work?

You got it. Environments and storytelling. (mainly what my folio is made up of). I’m addicted to it because I become immersed in creating a new world from imagination, it’s the biggest kick I get out of art.


But do you do characters? I want stuff like that done, can you do it?

It’s not really a question of if I can and can’t do it: more so where my strengths lie. I have the ability to do anything, but doing them to the quality that you want is important. For example, characters just happen to not be my area of design at this current point in time, until I improve more in them. Maybe in the future, look forward to that!
It’s mainly environments and storytelling. I’m good at them and I like doing them, so if you want me to paint those things, we’re gonna work well together.


I heard you went to America to hone your art skills. Where d’you go?

Los Angeles, California! I went to Concept Design Academy. It changed my life. I flew over there from one side of the globe to the other as a shy young artist, and came back out of there as a completely different person. Some people don’t realise it, but it was a very special trip that meant a lot to me. Yeah! Also their cheese is like ORANGE. And the word capsicum doesn’t exist there. WHAT.


What programs do you use to draw and paint in?



I noticed you use the username Mei-Xing on other places on the internet. What does it mean and how do you pronounce it?

Mei Xing is my Chinese name. It’s spelt with the characters ‘beautiful’ and ‘heart’. Pronounce it ‘may-sing’ or ‘may-shing’ depending on dialect. I don’t speak Chinese sadly, really wish I did.


Is your name Jessabella or Jessica?

Jessabella was a name I used for all of my online accounts up until recently. I changed it to Jessica to avoid confusion since I was meeting people in real life and it felt weird when they didn’t know my real name. (it was cute seeing people get muddled I’ll admit). But yeah! You can just call me Jess.


Influences or those that inspire you?

Miyazaki, Herge, Imperial Boy, Makoto Shinkai, Craig Mullins, film and animation, games I watched my brother play when I was 10, going outside, people and travelling.


Why do you love art so much?

It’s my passion. It’s what I live and breathe and get excited about. Ever since I was young, it was the one thing that I kept doing that I’d never get sick of. I tried out a lot of creative activities, some of which I wasn’t good at or didn’t click with, but drawing seemed to be the one thing that stuck with me ’til this day. Translating images from your imagination into a physical visual form. And the whole idea of it being a never-ending journey and how there’s always new things to learn and improve on; THAT is what art is all about.


I wanna stalk you! Not in a weird way, but I wanna art-creep you. WHERE ARE YOU?

OVER HERE YOU ART-CREEP. Facebook, Tumblr, Deviantart, Artstation, CGSociety.


Hey, I love your work, and need art for my project! Will you work for me?

Sure, I’m totally open! However, first you have to find out if I’m suitable for your project. Click here if you’re interested in working with me. 



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