Author: Jess Smith

Watermelon Cake in Newtown. Chinatown and N2 Icecream. Catching the Ferries in Sydney Harbour. Living the apartment lifestyle with friends right in the heart of the city. COFFEE. Cockatoo Island – literally feels like an island that Miyazaki invaded. Ippudo – one of the best Japanese restaurants I’ve tried in Australia. Rainy

Public transport is SO GOOD. Graffiti is everywhere. On all the buildings, the alleyways, signs and shops. And it’s embraced and celebrated as part of the culture. That’s got to be the best thing any city has ever done. It’s makes everything very artistic. Every single coffee

Hey. Good question. Over a month ago, I made the step and decided to sell and give away all my possessions at home, keeping only the essentials and packed my life into a suitcase. It started when I was given an offer from CDW Studios to teach a

In which nerding about Zelda becomes a thing and streaming is now a weekly occurrence or whatever.  Hey! So an update is needed. It's been a while - I've been caught up doing my personal redesign project as well as juggling client work in between. It's worth it though.